Deliberately looking for environmental problems was a sobering experience. I recently moved into a new house, and this was my first opportunity to explore the neighborhood. Even though it was such a gloomy day, I found myself in awe at the beauty around me. It was refreshing to stare at the ducks flying across the small creek near my home, I was intrigued by the bugs climbing across decomposing trees, and I had fun nearly falling into the water to get some pictures. Though, I also found some ugly things. I had never before sought out pollution, so it was surprising how quickly I found oil in the water. I did not expect to find it in the small creek, though it makes sense with the number of power boats being kept there. I selected this image because it conveys an issue I have faced with my upbringing in a family living on the water. It is hard to not feel guilty watching the stream of contaminants leave the motor of a boat I am in. I also thought the picture showing the oil on the interface between water and land gave a good representation of how easy it is for this contamination to reach us again.

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