The Park

Even though Roosevelt Park is located in the center of Hampden right next to the avenue, it shows the harsh reality of living in a city like Baltimore. Upon first glance, the park is beautiful; there is a playground, a skatepark, and a huge green space. However, when you look closer, noticeable environmental and public health issues are revealed. Every time I visit the park, I am greeted by plastic bottles, bags, and other trash lining the sidewalk. When I look closer, I see everything from cigarettes to needles. During a trip to the park last week, I found that there had recently been a trash pickup project. It is encouraging that people in the neighborhood care enough about their surroundings to clean up, but unfortunately, a large amount of cigarette stubs and smaller items were left behind. Sadly, trash clean ups like this one are only a temporary solution because as long as people think leaving their trash on the ground is acceptable, the cycle will continue. Another issue facing Baltimore that Roosevelt Park puts on full display is homelessness. In the background of the image with the blue trashcan, two red tents are visible behind the trees. Littering, drug use, and homelessness are all connected because they are all issues everyone sees, but choose to ignore. Although Roosevelt park is in a very affluent area of the city, it is a prime example of overlooking environmental and public health issues.

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