Stony Run

I took a picture of Stony Run from the adjacent trail because I noticed how it is a natural area but directly surrounded by development. I saw many invasive vines growing around the banks of the stream and the trees surrounding it. I also had noticed how the stream has been shaped and manipulated by concrete barriers and wire mesh in many areas. Looking for environmental problems in my neighborhood was interesting. I have been to Stony Run many times before, but have not thought about the influence of the surrounding urban environment on the stream itself. I think it is interesting how this area is more overgrown, while houses nearby have neatly mowed lawns. I found it contradictory that this area featured an effort to control the streamflow, but also the presence of uncontrolled growth. I think that this image shows how our water systems are at risk and makes me think about what is done to protect water bodies, particularly in urban areas. I liked this picture in particular because the invasive vines, concrete barriers, the water, trees, and distant houses were all visible from a single location.

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