Looking for environmental problems was easy, some more than others. For example, pollution from trash and chemicals is quite easy and finding products in our home was also easy. For my example, I took a picture of cigarettes. Cigarettes are a problem all around, they are bad for your health and for the environment. They tend to be thrown all around outside, whether it is on the ground, in water, or in an ash tray. Chemicals from the smoke leach in the air and the buds on the ground leach into the soil or spread into our waterways. My thoughts were that this is a very hard problem to solve and what would it take to keep buds from being thrown anywhere. My feelings were frustration because I think it something people look over. It might be seen as small compared to other issues, but it still harms the planet. I selected this image because I think it is important to bring attention non-popular issues. Cigarettes have been a problem for years but the only so little has been done to fix it. I also, personally wanted to know more about how this affects the earth in detail. This way I can educate others that contribute to this problem, especially my family members who smoke. 

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