Looking at this environmental problem was really disappointing. It shows how little we as humans care about our environment. It also made me sad because this picture was taken very close to my neighborhood. I wish everyone cared enough to take the time to make the world a better place, by doing something as simple as picking up after ourselves. I selected this picture because it showed how a potentially beautiful, planted area was simply trashed. It made me picture what this little section of the street COULD look like. This picture means we need to do better, we all need to pitch in more, we need to be cleaner, and we need to realize what acts like these are doing to our environment. Littering leads to many types of pollution, affects plants and crops, and can contribute to various help problems among humans. This picture makes me ask a few questions. Why do our waste management companies slack off, why are we throwing a lot of trash on the ground, and why are we making our environment worse for our health? We need to come together to make the earth, our local environment, and our health purer.

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