Plastic Bag Pile Up

There is an urgent need across the globe to incorporate more environmental sustainability practices into our daily lives.  Although it can be undesirable to hold ourselves accountable for our destructive habits, I find comfort in knowing there are steps I can personally take to make changes that will enhance our society.  I carry a high level of self-awareness, so I was not shocked at the numerous environmental problems I found within my own household.  I decided to capture an image of the pile of plastic grocery bags my family collects for this project. I feel this item is extremely prevalent within households, even though it’s negative environmental impacts have been heavily emphasized for years. I volunteered at a homeless shelter in Baltimore City last summer, and every day we were handing out bagged lunches to the homeless. The plastic bags were constantly thrown all over the streets and left.  In addition, I worked at the National Aquarium one summer, and learned so much about the impact plastic has on our oceans and marine life.  Although it is discouraging that I cannot do much to change the ways of my family members, this project has encouraged me to make a sustainability plan for when I do move out.

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