Reflections on the Border Trash

I live in an exceptionally beautiful area, a short drive from Jerusalem. The rolling hills and forests outside my window greet me every morning with a bright sunrise. The natural wonder of the hikes and paths nearby is often marred by a litter problem, unfortunately. The city nearby has a few holes in its garbage disposal infrastructure that allows some trash to take flight and deposit itself on the streets and hills nearby. I am constantly confronted by this pollution in the environment, simply because of how natural the environment would be otherwise. 

Consciously finding an example was frighteningly easy. My chosen photo is from a street that I take often. I go past frequently enough to watch trash collect in the area, blowing away and being refreshed periodically. I always notice it on my walks. It is also significant as it lies roughly on the border between the polluting city and a less polluting neighborhood. It reminds me of how pollution has widespread and far-reaching effects, even in areas that don’t themselves pollute heavily.

One thought on “Reflections on the Border Trash”

  1. Thank you for sharing! I loved your imagery of the garbage “blowing away and being refreshed periodically,” as though it were as permanent as the trees. I’m curious what it means to be a polluting city or a cleanlier neighborhood; unfortunately, the actions of any one community might not matter as much because litter is the whole entire world’s problem from the moment its released.


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